Specimen Mounted on a Silver Pin

by Clicketyclack


I gazed upon the sky
And sought to fly it
Trying to seize that secret knowledge
I crawled the limbs on my belly
And ate my fill of leaves and flowers
So I could soar to higher bowers

Trembling, I
Pull the membrane
Off my cocoon
Should I arrive presentable
With lacy wings and slender
Then I will spend my butterfly’s life in splendor

Yet what if I, half-cocked emerge

Immature and filmy
With glazed and greasy wings—
Half as yet inside my back?
The Wind entreats gently
With promises to buoy me.

I dreamed I dreamed but now to do!
And there was much still left to reason
So hearty on the ground was I,  the air
Seems fantastic and unreal
There is no remedy for the spell
Emergence—my caterpillar’s hell!


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