Vol 2: Saudade

“Saudade” by Silent Ravyn

Saudade, a Portuguese word, envelops the complex emotions found in loss, solitude, anticipation, and hope.  In this volume of Allasso, this forlorn feeling lies prevalent in many characters’ minds.  Some may feel it when losing a loved one; others feel it after exhilarating experiences.  A few even feel it with completely imagined memories.

After all, this feeling of saudade pervades all of our lives.

Don’t forget — submissions for the next volume are open until July 1st, 2012.  Also, feel free to participate in the Reader’s Choice Award.  Send an e-mail to pinkfoxpublications@gmail.com to say which piece is your favorite.

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Fiction and Poetry

Magtwilla and the Mouse by Mary E. Lowd
—Editor’s Choice Award for Best Dramatic Work

Greener on the Other Side by Sarina Dorie
—Editor’s Choice Award for Best Comedic Work

Rearview by Sean Silva

Beyond Mundane Horizons by Altivo Overo

The First Groundling Skydancer by Gene Wolf

Back Road by James Steele
—Editor’s Choice Award for Best Overall Entry

Price by Kassie K
—Editor’s Choice Award for Best Poetry

One Sheep by Mary E. Lowd

Dreams in the Sky by Brian Lee Cook

Tiger Light by Alice “Huskyteer” Dryden

No More Monday Memos by Tristan Black Wolf
—Editor’s Choice Award for Best Use of Anthropomorphism



Prince Charming by Sarina Dorie

The First Groundling Skydancer by Onyxavia Nebet

Price by Kassie K

Angelo by Tsai Wolf


One response to “Vol 2: Saudade

  1. Dwale

    Yep…definitely a stronger offering than the first issue overall, though I don’t see anything quiiiiiiiiiiiiite as good as “Best of Breed” a couple of these are approaching that level. The quality of the material is much more consistent throughout. I’m sure this will be well-received.

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