Ross MacIsaac

My name is Ross MacIsaac, but most people know me as Celestialdude or Dan Midnight. I’ve been involved with the furry fandom for about three and a half years by now, and really, it’s been an interesting experience for the most part. I’ve met a lot of amazing people and have had some great times with my friends. From time to time there are some things that make me want to leave the community, but with the great times that I have been through and how it inspires me to become a better artist, I realize being involved in this community is probably one of the greatest things I can do. I think the beginning of my artistic interest started when I joined the furry community and that I didn’t want to be some unknown face in the crowd like a lot of people are. As I continue as an artist, I hope to one day be well known offline as much as I’m known online as both an abstract and furry artist, which are two things that I love to combine together in my work.


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