by Kassie K


Obsessed with the butterfly
The werewolf
The maggots I
Never wanted to simply
And stretch like taffy
I always

In girlhood
I wished to be a cat
Rippling and silent
A refinement
A cheetah

I weighed the decision carefully
Gave up elegant steps for longer limbs
A tail more gangly to rudder me
Silky fur
And most regrettable my claws
Now the blunt tools of a cur
Lost the safety of their points

All for speed
To run

To become a worthy adult
I traded off chances to be happy
A thousand blissful spontaneities
And most regrettable my dreams

I’m a cat without retractable claws
I crush my art and science
With reasonable decisions
Cut my magic out
With a butter-knife
Bravado spilling
As I make myself acceptable
Terrified that the life I’ve built
May actually be mine


"Price" by Kassie K


Kassie K


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