Justin Moore

Justin is an author who got started back in 2005, when he wrote his first story. However amateurish it was, the story earned praise from his family, enough to get him to write more. What started as a means of getting attention become a vent for Justin’s frustrations with life and school. He greatly enjoyed getting his crazy thoughts down onto paper, turning them into dramatic and emotional stories. Enjoyment fueled passion, and the fire has only gotten hotter and brighter.

In mid-2008, after finishing almost 20 stories of varying lengths, he discovered something that changed his life forever: the furry fandom. Justin fell in love with the community because of the prominent status of art in the fandom. He became active that year and immediately churned out several short stories in the first few months. Lifelong confidence troubles meant these stories never stayed online for very long, no matter how many people liked them. Still, he continues to chisel away at this mental block, as well as the stories he loves.

At present, Justin remains an active author in the furry fandom. He occasionally writes reviews on FurRag, a furry fiction archive. He is also working with other editors and authors on FurRag to create a professional-quality editing group, the first of its kind in the fandom. Along with this, Justin continues to work on writing projects, albeit slowly. His years in the furry world have helped him to greatly improve his craft and he’s now poised to take the next step and go pro!


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