HockeyRaven’s human has been involved in the furry fandom since 2004, although the love of art and animals and fantasy realms goes back much further. The art started in early childhood; from coloring books and tracing paper to free-hand monsters, dragons, dinosaurs, and any number of other creatures. This talent was soon harnessed and encouraged to grow in a variety of art classes from elementary through high school. It was in high school that HockeyRaven’s human made the decision to pursue the sciences in college, but the love of art never waned. The art merely said “eh, what the hey,” and turned down a little side-road towards the land of the funny animal people. And it’s been a good seven years (and counting). While HockeyRaven may not be one of the super popular furry artists making beaucoup bucks off of commissions, that hasn’t been a deterrent. He’s here because it’s fun, making art and meeting new people (even if only over the internet).

You may see more of his work at


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