Helping the Site

Want to help make this a better site?  Well, we’ve got a few things that would help us a lot.  We can’t really give you much but our appreciation and a thank-you on the list of contributors.  If any of these things interest you, just send an e-mail to stating your interest.  We’ll send you whatever additional information or questions we have.

Banners:  Right now, we have a pretty little stock photo used as the banner.  While that’s nice and all, we’d like something more furry.  We can rotate in and out banners without any problem, so each one receive adds some nice variety. If you’d like to make one, the size we ask is 990 × 257.  Other than that guideline, have fun!  We can’t promise that every banner will go up, but we love to see what you have.

Donations: We could currently use money for cash prizes, site hosting, and other costs.   All donations go strictly towards improving the site and publications.   Though we can survive right now, we still appreciate every dollar.  If you’d like to donate, cash may be sent directly to our PayPal account at


4 responses to “Helping the Site

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