Vol 1: Shame

Bringing together writers and artists from both within and outside the furry fandom, Allasso aims to discover humanity by embodying it in the familiar as well as the foreign.  Through exploring our emotions in the wordless world around us, we may discover what truly makes us human.

The first volume of the series, Shame probes past comfortable feelings in search of hidden actions and taboo desires.  While people may wear masks of complacency, everyone has something they wish could never be discovered.

Hard copy available at:

Amazon.com | CreateSpace


Fiction and Poetry

Best of Breed by Renee Carter Hall
—Editor’s Choice Awards for best fiction, best overall piece

The Dare by Tristan Black Wolf

Bolm is Burning by Isaac Timm

Specimen Mounted on a Silver Pin by Clicketyclack

After Chopping Firewood by Brian Lee Cook

Scarheart by Dwale

Steam by Tybalt Maxwell

Sonnet by Kaji Aldewolf

The Drifter and the Dragon Egg by Lenowill

The Dragon Mother’s Oath by Lenowill

An Otter With a Pen by Justin Moore
—Reader’s Choice Award

At the Party by Darrell Lindsey
—Editor’s Choice Award for best poem

Vacancy Signs by Darrell Lindsey

Fetching Asteroids by Mary E. Lowd



Guilt by HockeyRaven
—Editor’s Choice Award for best art piece

The Dare by Taasla Praeda

Furry Princess by Donald L. Brown

Cute Anthro Bunny by Donald L. Brown

Fox Silhouette by Ross MacIsaac

Bunny Silhouette by Ross MacIsaac


14 responses to “Vol 1: Shame

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  2. Andrew

    Just got my copy in the mail today. What I’ve read so far is pretty awesome.

  3. glumpot

    What are the requirements for sending in art or a story? If you could tell me, you can email me at glumpot@gmail.com. Thanks!

  4. Or, ya know, just put it somewhere on this site. Instructions or a direct submission site would be handy. *don’t email me, the address’s fake. Contact me through the site with next publication’s theme, plz.*

  5. Dear Brian;

    May I request a review copy of Allasso vol. 1, to review for Flayrah?

    Some of my recent reviews on Flayrah are:


    My mailing address is:

    Fred Patten
    c/o Sherrill Patten
    11113 Moorpark Street, apt. 105
    North Hollywood, Calif. 91602

    Thank you.

    By the way, is Allasso published once every two years, or twice a year? Biannually is once every two years. Semi-annually is twice a year.

    Best wishes;


    • Fred,

      Thank you for your interest. I’ll be happy to send you a copy for review. Also, Volume 2 will be released at the beginning of May. The publication is evolving a lot, especially since I’m learning things as an editor. If you wanted, I could send you a copy right before release — it’d be a little more relevant to have a review of a new release. Tell me what you’d like, and I’ll make it happen.

      And yes, I meant semi-annually, not biannually. You’re the first one to catch that. Thanks for pointing it out :)


  6. Dear Brian;

    Yes, please. I would like to review vol. 2 when it’s fresh instead of after it’s been out for a while.

    Best wishes;


    • Fred,

      I apologize — I needed to wait until I had money, but I sent your copy out today. You should be getting it in a week or two. In addition, I’ll send you Volume 2 as soon as I’m able.

      Thank you for everything!


  7. Thank you. I am looking forward to reading it.

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