Pink Fox Publications is a small fandom publication dedicated to anthropomorphic art and literature.  Generally speaking, we’re interested in finding some of the less typical styles within the fandom.  The publication is run by Brian Lee Cook.

Brian recently graduated from Utah State University in American Studies with an emphasis in Creative Writing and Folklore.  He has poetry published in Sigma Tau Delta’s The Rectangle.  He became interested in publications when he worked on Scribendi, USU’s annual creative writing journal.  After putting in countless hours of editing and compiling, he lost his mind and decided he wanted to keep doing it outside the university.  He plans on getting an MFA in Creative Writing so he can punish himself even further.  He was also the manager of The Antics, a small professional improv troupe.

Brian first discovered the furry fandom around the year 2000.  At that time, he had no interest in joining, but he slowly became more interested through the art and writing.  Eventually, he became a true-blue furry when he joined Furtopia in 2008 for which he later became an administrator.  Through the fandom, he is best known as Digby the Fox.


6 responses to “About

  1. This looks pretty cool, as a writer myself i am rather interested, i say keep up the good work and keep me updated, rock on and stay furry my friends!

  2. David Pitts

    Brian: I read your poems in Sigma Tau Delta. Very concise. Very direct. Very well written. I’m a professional writer myself; I appreciate good writing. Keep it up. David Pitts

    • Thank you very much! Honestly, I think conciseness is the most helpful thing in poetry, but it’s hard to do in a short amount of time. You know how poets are — we always want to change something even years after we “finished” it. Once I start grad school, I’ll probably submit more to The Rectangle and go to more of their conventions.

      Some of the poetry coming out in the publication tomorrow is just amazing. I was lucky to have experienced poets submit. Be sure to check them out!

  3. Would you consider this as being a literary magazine/journal? I want to find furry oriented ones for a project…

  4. Alisha Fahey

    Hello I am writing a query letter and it is for my final project. I wonder if I can use your professional contact information.

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