Allasso, Volume 2: Saudade released

Allasso, Volume 2: Saudade is officially out!  This second volume revolves around the common theme of “saudade,” a Portuguese word enveloping the feelings that come with loss.

I was actually a Mormon missionary several years ago, if you can imagine that.  I went to Brazil, and often, people I met said that word.  Saudade.  Tenho saudade de você.  I miss you.  Fico com saudade d’aquele dia que nos encontramos.  I have nostalgia of that day we met.  A saudade me pega.   Longing for you gets to me.  Any English word fails at representing the depth of saudade, yet for some reason, we try to replicate it, extract the meaning, find the point of understanding.

If you wish to know the meaning, look instead to writing, to the stories of those with regret, sorrow, and hope for a return to better days.



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