Less Than a Week Until Release

We have less than a week before Allasso, Volume 2: Saudade is released!  I’m excited and nervous, but — oddly enough — not stressed.  For the last volume, I worked right up to the release date on everything, and I even had to wait on the print version because of a few small problems.  I was inexperienced.

This time, the print version is ready, and everything will be released on May 1st.  Just like last time, all the stories and images will be available for free on this website, but purchasing a copy will help.  Besides, the print version has a beautiful cover by Silent Ravyn (mainly because I admitted I was no good at making covers myself).

We will also have the Reader’s Choice Award for this round.  My apologies go out to Justin Moore, the winner of the last volume’s award; I only recently received the prizes, so I should be shipping it out in the next few days.  The voting will last through all of May.  Feel free to take your time to read and find the submission you love the most.



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5 responses to “Less Than a Week Until Release

  1. Dwale

    I wish I’d known the theme was going to be saudade. I would have been all over that!

    • Well, the theme’s not really decided until submissions have been reviewed. It’s a theme that is chosen based on the works, not works chosen based on a theme. Does that make sense?

      • Dwale

        Oh, certainly. And while it’s probably not very productive to be wishing I were precognitive about these things, there it is. A little fado, some mood lighting…ah well.

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