Prize Winners for Allasso, Volume 2: Saudade

Today is April 15th, so it’s time for me to announce the contest winners!  During the submission phase, we didn’t have anyone submit any art, so I’ve decided to split up the short story category — Best Dramatic Work and Best Comedic Work.  As an improviser, I am a huge fan of comedy, yet comedy in writing is very hard to achieve.  We have a few comedic stories in this upcoming volume, and I think it’s appropriate to give them merit.
I also wanted to add in one more category for the use of anthropomorphism.  For this, I judged based on the message that comes directly from the use of anthropomorphic characters.
For each of these categories, I will award $50.
Editor’s Choice for Best Dramatic Work — “Magtwilla and the Mouse” by Mary E. Lowd.  
Editor’s Choice for Best Comedic Work — “Greener on the Other Side” by Sarina Dorie.
Editor’s Choice for Best Poetry — “Price” by Kassie K.
Editor’s Choice for Best Use of Anthropomorphism — “No More Monday Memos” by Tristan MacAvery.
For the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Overall Entry and the $200, I spent hour considering several of the entries.  Honestly, I had an amazing pool this round, and every submission I accepted has something that makes it stand out.  Today, I want to recognize James Steele.  I know a lot of people might ask why I decided to publish his story “Back Road” — the story involves anthropomorphism in such an abstract way that it could happen. I don’t want to spoil anything, but in the story, a man gains heart-breaking insights about his own life as he interacts with an animal.  I cried each time I read it, and I feel the message easily rings out through the lives of those in the fandom. Whether we are victims or trying to be heroes, we all will experience the horror that comes with complete helplessness.
I wish to congratulate James Steele for winning the Editor’s Choice Award for Best Overall Entry.

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