Furry Writer’s Guild Book of the Month

Recently, the Furry Writers’ Guild named Allasso Vol. 1 their book of the month!  I somehow missed the tweet on November 1st by the guild, but luckily I managed to see it later.  Three members of the guild were published in the last volume; anyone who writes and has published pieces within the fandom (generally one paid or two non-paid pieces) can ask to join the guild.

The idea of a writers’ guild fascinates me, especially for one to exist within the fandom.  Rather than publishing pieces, they are dedicated to improving the quality of furry writing.  I tend to think of philosophical mice sitting around, stroking their tendrily whiskers saying “what is fiction without reality?”, “the pen is but an extension of the soul”, and other things of that nature.  Even if they’re not zen artists, the guild flows with wordsmith creativity rarely discovered within the fandom.  Anyone who looks to be a part of them will surely find the gateway to exceptional anthro writing.


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