One Day Left

I hate getting nervous.  Really, I do.  Reminds me of failed auditions or days when bishops stared into my eyes.  I have enough energy that I could run around the world screaming, but at the same time, I want to pass out for a day or two.  This whole publication makes me feel helpless.  If I have a mistake, how will people react?  Will people like this?  Will anyone even see it? All the uncertainty just piles on doubt.

All the same, I rarely get this excited.  Tomorrow, the publication will be released, and I want everyone to see it.  I’m quirky, even for furries, but perhaps it’s a good enough quirk to get people both inside and out of the fandom to enjoy some anthropomorphism!

If I lived in a house where liquor wasn’t an immortal sin, I would have a pretty good party tomorrow night.  Guess I’ll have to enjoy some slightly-rebellious Dr. Pepper and watch MST3K.


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