"Saudade" by Silent Ravyn

Welcome to Pink Fox Publications!

We have now released our second publication — Allasso, Volume 2: Saudade.  Bringing together talents such as Mary E. Lowd, Tristan Black Wolf, and James Steele, Allasso digs into the strange in order to discover what truly makes us human.

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Ah, how time flies.

I first want to apologize for all those who have been waiting for… well, about a year and a half now. I’ve learned my lesson–never get involved with a big personal project while in grad school. If any of you are considering this combination, don’t do it. Just… don’t.

With that said, the formatting for Allasso, Volume 3 is finished. I hope to get it available on Amazon in the next couple of days. Along with that, expect to see the online version appear this Wednesday.

Yes, it’s actually happening.


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Award Winners and Authors in the Upcoming Publication

I feel that we have the best group of submissions thus far.  I have received stories from the UK and poetry from Russia; the great majority has been a joy to read, making my job even more difficult for selecting.  Here is the list of those included in the upcoming publication of Allasso:
Fred Patten
James Steele
Renee Carter Hall
Lauren Rivers
Tristan MacAvery
Carmen Welsh
Daniel and Mary E. Lowd
Anzhelina Polonskaya
Sarina Dorie
Alice Dryden
Courtney McDermott
The decision for the awards has been even more difficult.  Every piece in here has something that makes it stand out, and while I wish to award the writing that deeply moves me, no piece in this upcoming publication should be discounted.
Previously, I have had an onslaught of serious poetry, especially those digging down into dark lives and horrible pasts.  However, as the winner of Best Poem, Renee Carter Hall’s “February 1: Groundhog Goes to the FoodMart” turns the cliche of a groundhog’s shadow into a humorous, every-day event.  Hall’s vivid imagery of a supermarket invokes both the joy and the pressure that come with important social roles.
While the humor of a modern image make Hall’s poetry shine, the drama within the Scottish folklore of Sarina Dorie’s fiction invokes a painful, beautiful world.  “Patchwork Selkie,” the winner of Best Fiction and Best Overall Submission, shows the cruelty of man, the fear of discovered secrets, and the love that community provides.  The careful craftsmanship of narrative and imagery tie this into a seamless story.
I still wish to have this ready by the end of the year, if not before Christmas.  Any updates will be posted here.  If you know any of these writers, feel free to extend your congratulations — everyone deserves it.
Happy holidays!


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One more delay

Unfortunately, I’m needing to put one more delay on the publication.  I’m currently waiting for the art to be finished, and it will take a few days to put everything together once I receive it.  I apologize for any of you disappointed.

However, I do have a gift for all of you — tomorrow night, I’ll announce the winners of the various prizes.  Hopefully this will make some people’s winters a little merrier.


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A Bit of a Delay

Hello, everyone!

I figured it would be best to keep people updated.  Right now, life has been incredibly busy with teaching and school work, and because of that, I’ve needed to delay work on the publication.  I plan to release Allasso, Volume 3 on December 15th of this year.  Hopefully that doesn’t get anyone down.

Also, while I love the publication, I’m strongly considering changing it to a once-a-year deal.  Because of the cost and time commitment, this change would be easier for me; I’ll soon be running a small convention in the spring, so clearing up time for that would be best.  Again, I hope that’s not a disappointment for the current readers.

I thank you all for everything.  Keep writing!


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Submissions closed, Reader’s Choice Award announced

Sadly, the submissions for Allasso Volume 3 are now closed.  Thank you for all who submitted!

I have neglected to announce one thing — the Reader’s Choice Award for Allasso Volume 2: Shame.  My own taste in writing is very different from many of those in the fandom. When reading Sean Silva’s “Rearview,” I almost discounted it because it felt like a genre piece; yes, I know, furry is a genre, but it had a quasi-mystery aspect to it.  However, reading it again, the story held panic throughout.  The reoccurring imagery and intense inner monologue added fear that I have never achieved.  I am proud to say that the readers have awarded “Rearview” this volume’s Reader’s Choice Award.

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Allasso, Volume 2: Saudade released

Allasso, Volume 2: Saudade is officially out!  This second volume revolves around the common theme of “saudade,” a Portuguese word enveloping the feelings that come with loss.

I was actually a Mormon missionary several years ago, if you can imagine that.  I went to Brazil, and often, people I met said that word.  Saudade.  Tenho saudade de você.  I miss you.  Fico com saudade d’aquele dia que nos encontramos.  I have nostalgia of that day we met.  A saudade me pega.   Longing for you gets to me.  Any English word fails at representing the depth of saudade, yet for some reason, we try to replicate it, extract the meaning, find the point of understanding.

If you wish to know the meaning, look instead to writing, to the stories of those with regret, sorrow, and hope for a return to better days.


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Less Than a Week Until Release

We have less than a week before Allasso, Volume 2: Saudade is released!  I’m excited and nervous, but — oddly enough — not stressed.  For the last volume, I worked right up to the release date on everything, and I even had to wait on the print version because of a few small problems.  I was inexperienced.

This time, the print version is ready, and everything will be released on May 1st.  Just like last time, all the stories and images will be available for free on this website, but purchasing a copy will help.  Besides, the print version has a beautiful cover by Silent Ravyn (mainly because I admitted I was no good at making covers myself).

We will also have the Reader’s Choice Award for this round.  My apologies go out to Justin Moore, the winner of the last volume’s award; I only recently received the prizes, so I should be shipping it out in the next few days.  The voting will last through all of May.  Feel free to take your time to read and find the submission you love the most.


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